July 2018 · 2 minute read

Petrobras shares fell up to 9 per cent on Monday after Brazil’s government offered new fuel subsidies and melted the oil producer’s pricing policy in a wager to settle a truckers’ hit that has wreaked havoc on Latin America’s biggest economy.

Since a result of tax cuts and tax assistance announced by Leader Michel Temer late on Sunday, domestic diesel powered prices would drop 0.Fouthy-six real (0.Of sixteen cents) a actu, or about Thirteen per cent of the existing price at the pump, and remain freezing for 60 days.

A truckers’ association behind the country wide protest told drivers to get back to work, adding that it expected the number of blockades of key roadways to drop significantly by Monday mid-day.

Yet to avoid breaking budget principles, the Brazilian congress would certainly need to approve several tax actions, a daunting effort ahead of this year’s parliamentary and presidential elections.

The measures represented Mr. Temer’s latest concessions to the truckers, whoever strike offers won popular help even as it provides severely affected the flow of food, fuel and key exports in Latin America’s largest economy.

Brazilian farm groups informed on Monday that production and exports of key goods such as coffee and soy would tumble if the truckers continue to block roads.

Some 64 thousand chickens have got starved to dying as a result of the strike, meat group ABPA mentioned on Sunday. Brazilian is the world’s largest chicken exporter. As much as 150 chicken and pork processing plants have got stopped production for lack of feed and storage room, the association claims.

After the initial 60-day period price freeze, state-controlled Petroleo Brasileiro SA will start adjusting diesel prices month to month, a switch from the current policy of daily price changes.

Should international diesel prices drop in coming weeks, the government might choose to trim tax assistance, Finance Minister Eduardo Guardia said.

Petrobras said in a sec filing that the government had agreed to make up it for any deficits. Still, its shares plunged to a four-month low, leading a broader sell-off in Brazil’s standard Bovespa index, which slumped 4 %.

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